The Common Base Delta Language

The Common Base Delta Language represents the skeleton of the custom delta language that is to be created. It features constructs on an abstract level that do not require knowledge of the target notation or its meta model. Constructs defined by the Common Base Delta Language include:

  • References to other deltas or artifacts/models
  • Definition of variables/constants
  • Constructor calls with named parameters
  • References to other model elements
  • Invokation of delta operations with arguments
The Common Base Delta Language contains the following features:
  • Binding to meta model using dialect
  • Requiring core assets and other deltas uniformely
  • Statically typed
  • Dynamic constructors
  • Type inference
  • Reference existing elements (notation dependent identifiers possible)
  • Substitutability of references, expressions, constructors etc. where applicable

When bound to a delta dialect, deltas of a custom delta language may be specified. These files have an extension of .decore. When binding the Common Base Delta Language, the (previously unassigned) slots are filled with concrete information from a source langauge’s meta model.